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Dear Adults...

As we start thinking about the upcoming year, many of us start to make resolutions. These can be great. They force us to reflect and learn and grow. Most resolutions are like goals. These are always good when done well. (See upcoming post on Sunday.)

Many of us strive to do better with our physical body in the new year...lose weight, work out more, lose weight, eat better, lose weight, lose weight, lose weight.... While losing weight can improve overall health if you are overweight or obese, losing weight is not the end all and be all of OUR VALUE. Too often we focus on this area in front of our littles. (Whether it's a younger sibling, child, cousin, doesn't matter.) And they are listening. When we have a lot of negative self talk, it impacts how our kids see us and eventually how they will feel about themselves. This applies to men and women. Boys and girls. It also can impact how we see the opposite sex. It can lead to unreal expectations in the future. And when we talk like this about ourselves, it gets under our skin and we start to believe these things are our value.

So, instead of focusing on the skinny-ripped-hot version of yourself, focus on the HEALTHY version. Talk about how working out gets your heart pumping better. Plan healthy meals to help your brain focus more. Talk about the STRENGTH you have in your thighs. Encourage your kids to do activities with you while discussing a long and healthy life to play in.

See you in a few days! Goals are on the horizon...

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