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“I now have people I can go to when I’m struggling with anything. My confidence is higher.”

“It made me get out there, talk to people and love myself.”

“It made me think about things differently.”

“Small groups gave me a safe environment of people to talk to.”

“The Lotus Project has helped me to be more confident and to be healthier in my habits.”

"...the Lotus Project has been the best thing for both of my girls in their prime teen years. They have benefited from learning how to love their bodies and love themselves for who they are and flourish from that realization."


 "(She) has gained a stronger self worth and has opened up from being a shy girl with one friend to a more talkative girl who believes in herself and has gained a few more friends.  (She) is a much happier young lady."


"Thank you to Mrs. Paras and the Lotus Project for including and teaching my girls to be the strong empowered girls they are today."

Melissa P.(Super-Mom)

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