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The full Lotus Project Curriculum will help you establish an empowering mentor program in your own community.  You will receive a full course (8 sessions) of small group activities, start up resources, sample forms like permission slips, "how to" instructions and a two hour one on one session with LaRissa to help you set up.  


The Lotus Project: Your Guide to Empowering the Next Generation of Women


    • A step-by-step outline of how to start a Lotus Project in your world

    • Details on formatting small group meetings and large group activities

    • Samples of permission slips, invitations, information sheets, and post project reflection forms.  These are all printable and ready to go.

    • Eight small-group sessions that are all ready to go, like a lesson plan. They include handouts, activities, and journal entry prompts.  You’ll just need to make copies. The sessions include sisterhood, inner beauty & confidence, whole health, healthy relationships, gratitude, media's mixed messages, goal setting and looking forward positively.

    • Stories, guidance and background for mentors at the start of each session plan.

    • Online Resources for mentors and teens - for free!
    • A sample kit for your participants (a $20 value)

    • A set of A4 handouts printed in color

    • One full coaching session (2 hours) with the creator of the Lotus Project (an $150 value)

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