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How To Do School From Home

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Many of us are working and schooling from home right now... and a month ago it wasn't on our agenda. Here are some tips for you as we go through this TOGETHER.

And while you are stuck inside, let me suggest this page HERE.

You will find

  • book recommendations - favorites of mine!

  • a daily planner pdf - to help us stay on track during this virtual school experience

  • the ORIGINAL Lotus Song (we have one!) - written by my badass friend, Chris

  • journal prompts - to keep us in touch with our hearts

  • a downloadable workbook - we can all work on our personal growth

  • a checklist to help you love your body more - BECAUSE YOUR BODY ROCKS

  • a sexual assault awareness/prevention guide - because we are starting to see some increases in domestic violence right now and we all need tools and awareness

  • plus more...

All of this is FREE! So click here for that =)

And my parents out there... Here's a Pep Talk for YOU... right HERE

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