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Gearing Up for the Holidays...

I have been busy behind the scenes here at LP INSPIRE & the Lotus Project. There are some things that I just want to make sure you are privy to going into this holiday season, and my creative writing juices are fading as I type this, so I'm just going to get to it... don't forget the freebie at the bottom ;) Thank you for supporting my labor of love. Let's get our holiday on!

For Stocking Stuffer Buyers ($8 on up):

Lotus Project Swag HERE ...shirts and more!

Little Happies (cards for spreading good vibes) HERE

Progress. Not Perfection. Magnets HERE

Coaching Sessions HERE

For Lotus Project Fans:

The FULL Lotus Project Program HERE

Teens Night Out Workshops HERE

For You and your SELF CARE:

Coaching Sessions HERE

Personal Organizer HERE (Awesome deal... $12!)

Thank you for checking out all of the goodies here and for your support in my labor of love! LaRissa

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