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A Different Kind of List

I love lists. They keep me focused. They help me plan. They are vital when taking a trip. Most of the time my lists also mean work. Until...

Wait for it...

I started a list of MY FAVORITE THINGS!

Okay, this might seem silly. It started as a small list as part of a journal entry. Then it

became its own section. Next, I'm going to start a journal just of things that make me happy and are my favs.

coffee in the morning

clean sheets

warm rain

a new book

the sound of a baby laughing

plants that aren't dead (I have a black thumb so this one is a big deal)

cute pillows in Marshalls

a new lip gloss

the smell of leather

homemade pasta (not made by me!)

cheese samples



warm blankets

the sound pencils make on paper

a completed to-do list ;)

night walks

drawing for fun

winning a offer on Poshmark

Look at that! Believe it or not, just making that list lifted my mood a bit. (Rereading during the edit did the same thing!)

That's the thing about a list of favorite things... it's a mood lifter when you write it and it's a mood lifter when you read it. And sometimes we need that. Sometimes we get in a funk. It happens. It's knowing the tools that work for us to get out of them. (See Chelsea's post about her tools.) Positive attitude and mind shift are all parts of good mental health and being our best selves on this journey.

Give it a try! It'll only take a minute. Share your favorites with me! I'd love to hear them in comments below. And if you are looking for new journal prompts, try this here!


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