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Want to read my diary?

When I was younger I kept a diary, on and off. I was really bad at consistency. Once, I called my mom a bad word and she read it. And then I felt like the bad word. I tried to log my daily activities but talking about my lunch felt boring. (However, pictures of a good meal on Instagram now don’t. Weird.)

What did feel good was venting and getting it all off my chest. I could complain about school, work, boyfriends and later husband, anything at all. (And seriously, if anyone read those now… UGG. I’m sorry. It’s so bad.) But all of that negative venting, while it felt good while I was writing, it left me still angry and not making any progress.

So I’m not sure how it all came about, probably an episode of Oprah or something, I started keeping a small journal dedicated to gratitude. That’s all. No daily log of what I did. No venting. A prayer request when I felt lost, but mostly just little things I’m happy for. Funny moments I want to remember. I try to write it in it and a bad day, so I can focus on the positive. Replacing negativity with gratitude. It totally helps!

And then I met my life coach. She was asking me big tough questions. She was asking me to dig deep and reflect. She would give me promps to think about when we weren’t together and it was amazing. It was so hard! But, she was helping me to see my potential and my power. Just when I thought it was getting it all together, I saw I could be more. And it was an empowering feeling.

I was always trying to lift others up, but I was neglecting myself most of the time. I started to see that the power of true reflection, answering tough questions, and really figuring out who I was was what was going to help me become my best self.

Helping my girls see their true potential and helping them to uncover their best selves has always been one of my greatest joys professionally. So, to encourage you today I’m going to ask you to do some tiny action steps. You can pick one or two or you can do them all. But I would use a journal or just a scrap piece of paper. Maybe even paper towel if that’s all you have available right now. But I would write it down and go back to it later when you need some more inspiration.

Get inspired!

  1. Think of five things that made you happy this week.

  2. Think of three things you’re proud of from the past six months.

  3. Finish the sentence: I love myself because __________________________________

  4. Complete this sentence: I’m beautiful because __________________________________

  5. Download some of these LP inspire resources. They’re free!




  9. Give coaching a try here. (Last year I earned my Cognitive Coaching certificate, so I can coach in an official capacity!) Or give it to somebody as a gift. Wouldn’t a quest start loving yourself be the best gift ever?!

Have a wonderful day! Be inspired by YOUR POTENTIAL! LP

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