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Stop SHOULDING on yourself.

I think a lot of us feel like we are constantly in a state of competition - with each other and with ourselves. Whether you're comparing your outfit or your grades to a girl in school, or you're comparing your vacation to another's, or your body to everyone else's on Instagram, we have all felt this nagging feeling within ourselves at some point. (Oh lord, unless that's just me?! Wait. I know it's not.)

So in the quest for seeing our own worth and value, I offer this one tip today:

You can achieve so much, but you don't have to do it all.

Especially ALL AT ONCE.

If you're like me, you might actually have to repeat this like a mantra sometimes.

Sometimes, we think we SHOULD do certain things all the time. And when we tell ourselves these things all the time we start to feel guilty and "not enough" when we don't achieve everything on our to-do list. Well, let me tell you something I learned this year from working with my life coach... SHOULD is a shaming word. Yes, think about it.

I should lost weight.

I should make a homemade gift.

I should call more often.

I should go to the gym.

I should stay later at work.

I should take the kids on an outing.

I should....

The. List. Never. Stops.

Yes, some of these things are important and healthy. But, you can't do them all all of the time. Prioritize. Make a plan. Take some of the things OFF of your list, until a later time when you can give them your attention. Communicate with the people in your world. If you have a choir concert on the same night you have two tests to study for, it's okay to tell your group that you won't be able to make cookies for the lunch party the following day.

It's okay to let some of your "shoulds" go. If they're important, schedule them in. If they're not at the top of your list, get to them later. And sometimes, it's okay to let them - and the guilt - go.

You are enough and as a wise woman once told me, STOP SHOULDING ON YOURSELF.


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