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Dear You

Dear Reader: This letter was written as part of an assignment for one of my classes. We were studying the effect of stress on the human body and ways to combat it. This beautiful letter was written for YOU and for whenever you need it or need to share it. Let me introduce you to the wonderful words of the amazing Lexi N. LP

The wonderful, strong and intelligent person that is reading this:

Whether it is a boy, family, friends, personal, or just because, I promise you - maybe not today, but one day - everything will be okay. Life is not fair sometimes, people can be mean. Obstacles can be thrown your way even when you’re not prepared. We often forget how to act when we’re caught in situations. We will never understand. Remind yourself that tomorrow is going to come and we can choose to accept what is and move on or we can drone on what we can’t change. The past has happened, the present is here, and the future will come. Remember you can’t change the past so don’t let your emotions affect what the present is like, and never worry about what yet has to come.

“The turning point in the process of growing up is when you discover the core strength within you that survives all hurt” -Max Lerner

Lexi and LP

Allow people in, let them in, and accept their comfort and shoulder to cry on. Don’t ever doubt yourself and remember to realize that not everything will go your way. I often forget to realize that not everything is about me and not everything will come in my favor. I believe that we will never fully understand a situation unless we have experienced it and have truly expressed that emotion or who is going through it. Whether it be loss, breakups, fights, etc. to understand the pain or the heartache will allow you to become stronger after.

When you think you’ve hit rock bottom, remember this is still not the end, and you will come back from this. I am here to tell you that someone will be able to relate, you’re not alone. We chase happiness and we chase the things that shouldn’t be chased. We over analyze situations and think to far into a simple thing.

-Just know everything will be okay.

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