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Pep Talk!

Guess what!? (Chicken butt. Did you fall for that again!?)

No really... Guess what time of year it is? New school year. New teachers. Old friends. New friends. It's exciting and a little nerve wracking. I get it. Are you being judged? Are you being judge-y? Who changed over the summer? Will people notice your changes? For good or bad, this is all normal.

And even adults that "get it" or seem to have it all together get nervous for new things. Anytime I am in front of new people, have to attend a meeting with a new group, or just do something new and different, I give myself a mental pep talk. It goes a bit like this:

"We all deserve a voice here, including me.

I am fun and creative and smart and if I start introducing myself to people, and be myself, my tribe will find me."

And let me fill you in on something... being nervous isn't just for middle school kids. We all get nervous from time to time. (If people tell you they don't, they're lying.) But, how you use your nervous energy will determine your level of relief and happiness at the end of the say. Will you look for the positive in yourself and others? YES! This will build resilience. And resilience will serve you for your whole life.

Happy 2017-2018! LP

Me and G!  Two brave girls trying new things in this beautiful world!

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