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Body Love! It's a PROCESS!

"To love yourself is a never-ending process." Oprah Winfrey

The past few weeks have been sort of rough on my body. (But, my how fun summer is!) I've taken some road trips, eaten whatever strikes my fancy, I'm sure I haven't been drinking enough water, and I had been nursing a shoulder injury. The lazy days of summer were taking their toll.

The other morning, I was up early running with my pal, Megan, and felt may belly shake in a way that made me cringe on the inside and say out loud, "I'm such a fat ass! My gut is BOUNCING!" Then I immediately thought, "I'm not practicing what I preach. I shouldn't talk like that to myself. I wouldn't say things to my friends or family like that. Why would I to myself?"

You guys. My inner dialog. It's like a really weird Twitter feed sometimes.

As the day went on, I decided rather than hating on myself for BEING AN IMPERFECT HUMAN LIKE EVERYONE ELSE I would treat myself better and not expect perfection. This was an attitude shift. I was very conscious of my actions toward myself, both physically and mentally.

I drank more water. I did an ab workout I found on Pinterest that was short and fun. I ate healthy foods and upped my veggie intake. I took a walk with my son. I put on an outfit that made me feel good and masked what was making me feel bad. (The Queen of Camouflage strikes again!) I journaled, which fed my spirit and allowed me to be in my own head. I created things for my business that were fun to do and this fed my mind. I read for pleasure. (Speaking of which, have you seen this list? Check it out.)

Loving your body, thus loving yourself, is a lifelong process.

It ebbs and flows depending on which season we're in. We need to remember to be patient with ourselves. Being perfect should never be the goal. Making positive progress is a much more admirable goal. Being brave enough to move away from negative behaviors, situations, and people will help you move in the right direction. Remember, it's all a journey. Learning to love your body and continuing to do so is a journey. Be kind to yourself.

I created a "Love Your Body" guide if you need more inspiration. It's a good list that I visit often. Enjoy the journey, beautiful friend! xx LP

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