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Brain Food

Last month on our big field trip we visited the amazing Thought Design studio in Rockford. This facility is beautiful! The back half overlooks the Rogue River, connects to the boardwalk and we had the best weather. Sunny and mid-70s... perfection from nature. Inside is a gourmet teaching kitchen, conference room and yoga studio. The whole experience is a thing of beauty!

At Thought Design we learned how to cook healthy food from scratch. Some of us had never made a lot of these foods or had ever tasted them before. We learned how to use a knife, measure ingredients out, sauté, flip, use a timer, and work together to make a meal come together.

Learning new stuff = happy brains

We were actively engaging our minds to learn something new and by doing so we stimulated brain activity.

Sharing a meal and camaraderie = happy hearts

There is something that fuels the soul about preparing and eating food together. We were chatting and learning about each other while we ate. We were fully engaged with each other and not distracted by our phones. It was glorious!

Eating food from the earth = happy bodies

Our meal - that we made FROM SCRATCH - was black bean soup, Mexican tabouleh, and roasted chicken and vegetable quesadillas. Some of the girls had never had these items before and everyone tried something new that day. Delicious and amazing. And good for us!

Thank you everyone at Thought Design for such a great experience! Please check them out at

And for a good article from the Cleveland Clinic about the best foods to feed your brain and body, check out this piece by Michael Roizen. (Click the link)

And do yourself a favor... plan some homemade meals with friends and family, visit the farmers markets and talk to the vendors about preparing food, find some new recipes on Pinterest or in a lovely library cookbook. Your body, mind and soul will appreciate it!


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