• Sarah Hoffman

Getting REAL with some weighty issues

Please welcome the lovely Sarah Hoffman! She is a super duper lady that is balancing work, family and HEALTH. Her story is a great reminder about how hurtful body shaming others can be AND about how to GET HEALTHY and REAL with yourself. Inspiring! Thanks, Sarah! LP

About 5 years ago I found my passion in health & fitness. Since then I’ve found that people aren’t shy about sharing their comments with me.

I’ve been told:

-Fitness is easy for you. -Nutrition is easy for you. -I could never do what you do, it’s unrealistic for a normal woman {what does that even mean?!?!?} -You are lucky to be naturally slim.

I find when people make assumptions they are often trying to tear down the actions of others to justify their own actions.

What they don’t know is that I spent the entirety of my teens & 20’s being uncomfortable in my own skin. I lacked confidence in all areas of my life. I was 40 pounds heavier than I am today, completely out of shape & a total sugar addict that couldn’t understand why I wasn’t able to control my cravings. None of this helped with my confidence levels & belief in myself to achieve the level of health that I wanted so badly.

How was I able to turn it around?

-I got REAL with my ‘why’: It had to be more than just the number on the scale or the size of my jeans. I thought about how I wanted to feel and what kind of life I wanted for myself – confident, strong, energetic and comfortable in my own skin.

-I educated myself: I took the time to learn about how foods and extra weight affected my body. I learned that food acts as medicine or poison. I was given this one body to live in and I learned that if I continued to treat it as I had been, it wasn’t going to keep up with the type of lifestyle I wanted to live for myself & my family.

-I surrounded myself with the right kind of people, people that would support me and love me through all of the ups & downs with making a big change in my life – because it wasn’t easy.

Now, because of everything that I faced, struggled with and overcame, I run an online health & fitness coaching business where women support women. I understand how much encouragement & support helped me overcome my challenges so now my goal is to empower others who face similar struggles. I want to be there to help, support & guide anyone that is ready to get serious about their health. I've been there so I understand that making big changes isn't an easy thing to do but with the knowledge, tools, and support from someone that believes in you...anything is achievable!

Sarah Hoffman



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