• LaRissa Paras

This is the impact of the Lotus Project

On the eve of a presentation for the Michigan Reading Association I was able to get these videos and share them with the world. THESE ARE MY GIRLS. Well, 3 of them. Their words about how the Lotus Project has impacted them speaks volumes more than I can about the program. When I say that I put my heart into the Lotus Project, these girls show it. Each of them, and so many others, hold a piece of my heart. Let me introduce three of "my girls"... Ashlae, Stephanie and Kallie. Hopefully, I can introduce more to you soon. (And if you are reading this and you want to do a video testimony, let me know!) Be inspired, LaRissa

(Thank you ladies for opening up to the world about the Lotus Project. It means the world...LP)


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