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Want to be productive? Find some beauty!

Are you ever about to strike out on a task or some homework and you just can't get comfortable enough to get the job done? I have an idea! Make your workspace your own sort of beautiful space.

Now, I don't mean go out and buy a bunch of new stuff, but look at what you have and look at the space available to you and see what you can work with. This might simply mean cleaning your bedroom or digging your desk out from under a pile of clothes. This might mean doing something like what I did last year...

Where the LP Magic happens!

I took a corner of the basement under the stairs and I threw up some bead board (okay, I did buy that), put an old kitchen table down there and an extra chair. Then, I set out to decorate it. Everything on this table is something that I had it in a different part of the house. But I chose these objects because I like them in this space and they made me feel happy. The space actually felt good and like a place that I could sit down and get some work done in. And the space is not cluttered, and it's all mine. (I think my mom was onto something when she used to tell me to clean my room so I would be more productive in my life.)

When you're going about trying to create a good workspace for yourself, think about a few things.

1. Are there minimal distractions?

2. Is the space relatively clean and organized?

3. Are you surrounded by things that make you happy and calm you down?

So get cleaning first, then start thinking of things and colors that make you happy. Maybe it's your favorite sports team? Maybe it's your favorite fashion house or rock band? Maybe it's your favorite film star from the 50s? Maybe it's your three favorite colors? Whatever it is, have it near you to help inspire you. I would also recommend finding your favorite inspirational quote and having it nearby. And if you don't have one, Pinterest is full of them!

Have a beautifully productive day! LP

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