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Be SMART about goals!

Happy New Year!

This is a great time of year to reflect and dream and make some great changes in your world. When setting goals, first think about WHAT you want to achieve and reflect on WHY you want to achieve that. How will you feel if you are successful? What if you're not? Take some time in your own head. Ask yourself tough questions.

Once you have a goal in mind, be SMART about it... Specific-Measurable-Acts-Realistic-Time (accountability)

SPECIFIC - Be precise when setting a goal. Don't just say you're going to pass your classes or make more money, but be specific. You're going to set a study schedule and ask for help to pass your classes. You're going to update your resume, go to local networking parties, ask for a raise, etc.

MEASURABLE - The goal needs to be something you can have control over. Winning the lottery is out of your control. That's not a realistic goal. (But, if you get lucky, KUDOS!)

ACTS - Create a list of actions that you will need to do to obtain your goal. If you goal is to start a blog, research and write down what you need to do to start that.

REALISTIC - Goals should be challenging but not impossible. You need to maybe start with "baby steps" to get mentally prepared. I was once told that a goal should be "out of your reach but within your grasp." Make your goal not so easy that you do it immediately but not so challenging that you will have no chance of being successful.

TIME - make a calendar, hold yourself accountable. Better yet, have a friend help you stay accountable. There's power in numbers!

So, be SMART about your goals! And good luck! Happy New Year! LaRissa

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