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Need a quick reset?

'Tis the Season... for lights, gifts, family time, parties, concerts... and for stress and high expectations.

Let's take a minute and remind ourselves that WE ARE ENOUGH. We do not need to do everything and WE DO NOT NEED TO BE PERFECT.

Take a step back from your to-do list and try a few of these mental resets.

1. Stand up. Stretch your arms waaaaaay up high. Take a big breath in. Let it out and reach for your toes. Do this five times...feels good, right? (Get wild and throw a twist in there!)

2. Take a walk. Bring your people with you. (Unless you need a break, then by all means, go alone.) Do not bring your headphones. Observe the world. Breathe in the air.

3. Hang upside down off of your bed. Or lay on the floor with your feet up the wall. Just get the blood flowing in a different direction. Imagine your tension being swallowed up by the earth. (For an added bonus, try the "yoga station" on Pandora.)

4. Play with the kids. Whether you're a parent or an older sibling or want to give your friend a break from his/her kids, playing is good for both of you. It encourages healthy relationships and promotes love and well being. (I'll be doing this as soon as I am done here and their Pokemon show is over!)

5. Disconnect from your screens and read a book. Take 20 minutes. It just feels good to put your mind elsewhere.

6. Write a real know, pen and paper? Mail it. It's a gift from the heart. Truly.

7. Three words: KITCHEN DANCE PARTY. (Or your room of choice. I just don't recommend the shower. It's a hazard.) And remember, it doesn't matter what it looks like, as long as you are moving and having fun.

Remember to take care of yourself during this busy time. You've got this! LP

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