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The Lotus Project

The only mentorship program that inspires personal growth for young women everywhere who want to feel heard, whole and confident, when the pressure for perfection stifles them from being their true, unapologetic selves.

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Empowering Ourselves and Each Other
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The Lotus Project is a mentorship program to encourage young women to strengthen their inner selves in order to reach their full potential and to recognize their value and beauty.  The Lotus Project is built on the principles of sisterhood, inner strength, confidence, health, relationships, gratitude, and responsibility.  But, this didn’t just appear out of thin air.  It all started coming together in 2010.


Professional Educator, LaRissa Paras, was growing weary of watching young women giving up on themselves.  She was tired of seeing all of this wasted potential.  She was  watching smart, charismatic, compassionate young women make poor choices because their self esteem was so low they couldn’t stand up for themselves.  They felt so low about themselves that they were trying to take each other down.  They were angry that their bodies weren’t up to model standards and they were abusing them.  Having their teacher just tell them that they were beautiful, funny, and clever wasn’t going to be enough.  Being just sympathetic wasn’t going to be enough.  They needed tools. 

And the Lotus Project was born. 

Eight dynamic sessions that pair awesome women with amazing teens that might not know how amazing they are.  Yet.  We are bringing back the idea of sisterhood, talking about healthy relationships, setting goals, giving back to our community, making the better choices even if they’re hard because we’re worth it…that is what this is all about.  It starts with being real, building trust and personal relationships. 

It starts with one and then it grows. 

And it is beautiful.


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